She was once well on her way to giving stitches and sutures as a medical student for the rest of her life. But then one night, she looked around and realized that she was pretty bad at being a scientist.That was all it took. She decided to finally leap into the world of idea hunting & wordsmithing instead! So, she packed everything she owned in her crusty 2002 Toyota Corolla and drove 17 hours straight from Washington D.C. to sunny Miami! 

Just kidding, that transition was actually way more complicated and messy than I described. But, let's just skip to the good part because that's what life is about. 

No Regrets. 

LIST OF THINGS I SPEND A LOT OF TIME DOING. people watching. pretending that I go kayaking regularly. thinking about going kayaking. googling the origin of things. actually going kayaking and realizing that it's not that fun to be trapped in there. searching for the perfectly ripe avocado. lifting weights. doodling quirky characters on receipts. yelling at people to get the yelp app. imagining life as a series of comedy sketch routines. brainstorming solutions to everyday struggles. inserting the word ciabatta into sentences as much as possible because it's a hilarious word to look at. feminism. dancing to really loud music. looking at Kristen Wig gifs. wishing Kristen Wig & Zac Galifinakis & Fred Armisen were my tri-parents. sitting in chairs weirdly. drinking iced coffee. scribbling haikus. wondering why I have no consistent hobbies. oh yeah, writing.